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The true facts in the story of LOVE SOCKS – THE SNEEZING

The true facts in the story of LOVE SOCKS – THE SNEEZING!


I’ve always been a big sneezer. I remember until recently sneezing every single morning of my life.

I also remember as a child going to the doctor and the doctor not finding anything wrong with me, so I just continue on with the sneezes forever.

I think as time goes by, and we are hanging with our body for longer, we start learning little things about ourselves, discovering and understanding our weakness. Eventually I learned that keeping my foot warm, and even my head warm, helps to keep the sneezes away. I think that moving country, from Brazil to Australia made me more aware of the environment. Growing up in Rio where is always warm the whole thing doesn’t make sense, but cold floor is cold everywhere, even in Rio, so now looking back things kind of make sense. Well, it never made sense to be cold and sneezing around in a hot city, but after recent research and finding out about “Raynaud’s Phenomenon”, and realizing that I fit all the cold sensitivity symptoms, and always had them even growing up in a hot city, everything made sense.

The worst part was when a few years ago they had that Bird Flu breakdown in neighbouring countries to Australia, and everybody  were terrified, and apparently I hear they would lock up people if they were a threat, so that was quite horrible phase to be sneezing around. I was horrified if I had to sneeze in public and end up getting “locked up” because of my sneezing disorder that had nothing to do with Bird Flu. So it was extra uncomfortable at that time, scary even.

By now, being aware and having accepted that I feel more cold than most people, I just put my socks and throw my scarves and hats around, and go on with the day. It is still weird to be the one wrapped in situations where everybody are wearing little shirts around, and ask me if ‘m not too hot with the scarf (they don’t always notice the socks – lucky Im super tall and people don’t look at my feet much, they just assume I’m wearing heels) so I just say “no I like the scarf” or “no I’m just a cold person…” …

I hope that LOVE SOCKS helps all sneezers out there watching the movie to also find a way to minimize their sneezing.



Raynaud’s phenomenon is excessively reduced blood flow in response to cold or emotional stress, causing discolouration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally other areas.

The condition can cause pain within the affected extremities, discoloration (paleness), and sensations of cold and/or numbness. This can often be distressing to those who are not diagnosed, and sometimes it can be obstructive. If someone with Raynaud’s is placed in too cold a climate, it could potentially become dangerous.

1.When exposed to cold temperatures, the blood supply to the fingers or toes, and in some cases the nose or earlobes, is markedly reduced; the skin turns pale or white (called pallor), and becomes cold and numb.
2.When the oxygen supply is depleted, the skin color turns blue (called cyanosis).
3.These events are episodic, and when the episode subsides or the area is warmed, the blood flow returns and the skin color first turns red (rubor), and then back to normal, often accompanied by swelling, tingling, and a painful “pins and needles” sensation.

Source and more detailed information:


There are a few facebook support groups where people exchange ideas on how to stay warm and minimize the more severe symptoms:





love socks movie premiere 4th may at anthology film arquive new york NYCIFF 2015

Looking forward to seeing you all at the World Premiere at the 8th Edition of the New York City International Film Festival!

LOVE SOCKS Screening :
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LOVE SOCKS Screening Date:
Monday, May 4th 2015

LOVE SOCKS Screening Time:
8:00 PM

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Anthology Film Archive Theatre

LOVE SOCKS Screening Location Address:
32 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 United States


I better go now, it getting very cold in this café Im seating!

Heading back to the NYCIFF! See you all there!

New York, 2015