Nov 13

Singapore Premiere of Love Socks Movie

Singapore Premiere of Love Socks Movie


Thank you so much for the amazing support of all Love Socks Team, Supporters, Friends and Fans!

Thank you everybody who joined us at our hometown Premiere, at Sydney at the Sydney Indie Film Festival!

It was a bless and an honour to be able to have our Australian Premiere in the company of some of world’s best screening with us in our premiere session, which included “Glow” (Australia) by Ren Thackham, “Lady Luck” (UK) by Jo Lewis, “The Autumn of Zao” (France) by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, and “Love Anything” (Switzerland) by Etienne Theytaz.

Now we are very please to announce that LOVE SOCKS will have its Singapore Premiere, at the World International Film Festival!

Thank you to the World International Film Festival for selecting our love story and supporting our love for films!

The World International Film Festival will take place in Singapore, from the 8th till the 14th of January 2016, at the GV VivoCity cinemas.

Keep an eye for the upcoming news with upcoming screening dates and locations!

Thanks again everybody for your great support and love!


love socks movie poster by shailla