May 03

Hello everybody! Check out that famous dark comedy “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine”!

Brad Fitt Will Be Mine – Full Film Released Online!

Watch Complete Film Now! Australian Dark Comedy Film by Shailla Quadra

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Everybody has been asking, so we did it!
Come and join us at the hottest event of the year in Hollywood Style!
“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” World Launch Online!


Damian Nixey, Marc Petzke, Shailla Quadra and Yolandi Franken featuring at the big “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” NYCIFF Times Square Premiere open to the entire public in the heart of New York!



“Brad Fit Will Be Mine” written produced and directed by Shailla Quadra



After our glorious premiere in the heart of Times Square at the New York City International Film Festival, in which Shailla Quadra got nominated for the best Lead Actress Award,
then following screenings at the renowned Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and at Sydney’s biggest genre film festival A Night of Horror International Film Festival,
BFWBM is now finally released online for all fans in the whole wide world to watch, enjoy, gossip, share, bitch about it, love, hate, lol, play again, share some more, go nuts with this super fun
Hollywood satire about what secretly happens behind the scenes of all those blockbusters movie’s productions!



Jane E Seymour stars as “Mary Heart” at the big “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” NYCIFF Times Square Premiere open to the entire public in the heart of New York!

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Shailla, Jack and Yolandi behind the scenes of “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine”. Photo by Romualdo Nubla.




Hollywood has never been so cut throat! Cyrilla Mal and Kate Loca are the 2 lucky finalists actresses competing for the very competitive female lead role in Hollywood’s upcoming big production of ‘Ocean’s Seventeen’, alongside Brad Fitt, Matt Diamond and host of A list stars! They will do whatever it takes to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to make their dreams come true! Join Cyrilla, Kate, Brad, and a hand-full of big personalities in this wild journey sure to entertain fans of every genre! Cat-fights, action, guns, music, romance, gossip news, paparazzi, suspense, even a touch of horror, ‘Brad Fitt Will Be Mine’ has them all! Who is going to survive this wild battle and become the big star? What happens next it?s the big mystery and you must watch the film to find out!


Veronica Thajer, Ismail Bashey, Shailla Quadra, James Sayess and Lincoln Fenner at the Awards Night of the New York City International Film Festival.


Jane E Seymour: Mary Heart
Marc Petzke: Brad Fitt
Shailla Quadra: Cyrilla Mal
Dani Swan: Julia Loca
Andy Minh Trieu: Dragon Lee
Ashley Bennett: Steven
Yolandi Franken: Maria Marvellous
Damian Nixey: Darryn Tigers
Romualdo Nubla: Paparazzi 1
Jonathan Nowrot: Paparazzi 2
Dominic Spagnolo: Paparazzi 3


Marc, Shailla and Yolandi, still image for “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine”. Photo by Romualdo Nubla.


Oleg Chernykh: Assist Director
Kathryn Blom: 1st Assist Director
DOP: Jack Kelly
Oleg Chernykh: Gaffer
Ashley Bennett: Sound
Jonathan Nowrot: Sound
Monie Gabriel: Make Up
Thi Huyen Anh Nguyen: Make Up
Glenn Marsden: Stills Photographer
Romualdo Nubla: Stills Photographer
Dominic Spagnolo: Stills Photographer
Nei Guanlao: Poster Designer


Marc Petzke, Shailla Quadra, Kate Owen and Jane E Seymour. Photo by Glenn Marsden.


As Rockets Fall: Soundtrack Bilal Fouani
Marc Petzke: Playing live in the film


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